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Smith Kitchen

The Smiths' family purchased a lovely home on the Yellowstone River in Livingston Montana in 2015. The home was in need of updating and they called us out very early to brainstorm how we could work with the space. I enjoyed evaluating their situation and being allowed to think outside the box in order to achieve something that would match their needs.

Their primary concern was feeling “stuck” with the given window, wall and door placements so we went to work finding ways to allow a bit more freedom in the layout of their new kitchen. Since Nikki is a trained chef, we really enjoyed her perspective during this project; it inspired us to design a functional yet elegant place for her to work her magic.
Kitchen 3
Kitchen 3
Kitchen 2


MakerStarmark CabinetryCollectionInset Cabinetry LineDoorGilletteWoodMapleFinishWhite


MakerSlabworks of MontanaCollectionGalaxy BlackProductGranite SlabMaterialGraniteFinishPolished

Before Photos

The Smiths' kitchen originally had a 70’s style floor plan, making the kitchen and dining areas three walled-off spaces. As we got to know the customer and their love of entertaining, we realized quickly that those walls had to go and we needed to open up the space. Because we were going for a contemporary design, we settled on white, inset cabinetry with a simple shaker style door, stainless steel appliances and beautiful chrome fixtures and hardware to tie it all together.

After Photos